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Water & Flood Mitigation and Restoration

Water & Flood Mitigation and Restoration

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Illinois Restoration Services is a leader in water damage restoration services. We are a full service company that you can work with us from start to finish.  From a flooded basement, water damaged walls or ceiling to full reconstruction.

We have certified and dedicated technicians on call to respond to your emergency needs immediately, equipped with fully loaded emergency units, ready to handle any Flood, Water Damage, Mold Issues or Sewage Backups. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year, to provide you with the highest quality service.


The Water Damage Restoration Process


Contact a Water Damage Restoration Company:

We will immediately dispatch an emergency response team to assess the situation and begin mitigation and clean up. While we guarantee to arrive within two hours, time is of the essence so we highly recommend that property owners begin moving anything valuable away from the source of water. During the initial call, there are a few basic questions that will help our team get to work upon arrival.

  • What type of flooding are we dealing with?
  • What is the extent of the flooding?
  • What type of water is it?
  • Are emergency Pack Out services required?
  • Is the flooding ongoing, or has the cause of the flooding stopped?

Damage Assessment:

As soon as our response team arrives on site, we begin to assess the area with a focus on stopping the leak (if ongoing) and plan for water extraction (step 3). We revisit the assessment once the threat is contained and flooding addressed, looking for any problem areas not identified in the emergency inspection.

  • Visual survey of the area
  • Ensure area is safe, power is shut off as needed
  • Damage assessment & photographic documentation (this will be ongoing)
  • Identify the cause / source of water leak (if not already known)
  • Determine extent of flooding, type of water, find hidden areas, identify flooded areas
  • Plan best locations to begin rapid water extraction

Water Extraction & Damage Mitigation:

As soon as our response team arrives on site, we begin to assess the area and focus on stopping the leak (if ongoing) and water extraction. We start with an emergency inspection and, once the threat is contained and flooding addressed, follow up with a more detailed assessment.


Drying & Dehumidification:

Once the cleanup process is started, we will immediately begin to Dry and Dehumidify the affected areas. We will use a large assortment of tools as needed to remove water and moisture very quickly. We will lift carpet as necessary and create channels in walls, floors, behind cabinets, in ceilings as necessary for our blowers and other drying equipment to remove all moisture. This process will greatly reduce the possibility of mold becoming a problem in affected areas.


Restoration & Construction:

Touch Up Services: If their was not any major structural damage to the area, Illinois Restoration will touch up any paint and other finishes to restore the area to its former state. If the area suffered severe damage and reconstruction efforts are required, please see below for a quick overview of our Reconstruction Services.


Complete Reconstruction Services:

If the affected property requires partial or complete rebuilding or repair, Illinois Restoration offers heavy restoration services as well. We will work to fully restore the area to its former condition or even to improve and remodel the area to the owner’s specifications to give the area a new look all together.


Clean Up and Sanitation:

Once the primary Damage Restoration & Reconstruction services are completed, we will begin work to restore it to the condition prior to the problem. We will begin final clean up, removing all of our equipment, remaining debris, dirt & grime from the area. All visible water damaged structural elements will be sanded down to “no stain”.

  • Property that was moved off site for restoration will be unpacked and returned to their original locations.
  • All flooring & carpet will be restored to a like new state or completely replaced.
  • Illinois Restoration will apply various air filtration techniques and cleaning measures to prevent mold & odor problems. All crawl spaces and HVAC systems receive HEPA Vacuum treatment that will remove any latent particles as small as .3 microns with 99.7% efficiency.
  • If the HVAC System was damaged beyond repair, Illinois Restoration will work with the customer to purchase and install a replacement.

Mold Prevention:

Once the restoration work is completed, Illinois Restoration will work with property owners to help them prevent Mold Contamination from occurring in the future. Mold problems are usually associated with water and moisture, and during the Assessment phase of our Water Damage Restoration process we go to great lengths to locate and identify all sources of unwanted moisture in the affected area. With our help, your property will be restored to its previous condition and we will take the steps necessary to prevent problems with odors and mold in the future.

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